I understand that a strong education system plays a critical role in our ability to attract jobs and investment to Arizona.

Educational attainment is the foundational driver of our future economy.

As your State Senator, I will work with the education and business community to support pathways of opportunity so our students are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.


  • ALL schools – my children attend both Gilbert District and Charter schools

  • School choice – parents understand the individual needs of their child and I believe they should be able to choose the best available option for that child

  • Increasing education funding

  • Properly funding teachers to ensure we're able to attract and retain quality teachers

  • More resources going to students and teachers in the classroom

  • Early Childhood education and Career and Technical education


  • Governor Doug Ducey's 20x2020 plan – 20% increase in teacher pay without raising taxes

  • Proposition 301 extension – protects $667 million a year in education funding for an additional 20 years

  • Funding and expansion of institutions like EVIT and in school CTE programs – these programs not only fulfill the need for a skilled workforce, but more importantly, they provide students with the skills needed to enter the workforce and achieve a high quality of life