Arizona Technology Council

Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

Elected Officials

Jenn Daniels
Mayor, Town of Gilbert
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John Giles
Mayor, City of Mesa

Gail Barney
Mayor, Town of Queen Creek
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Brigette Peterson
Councilwoman, Town of Gilbert

Jeff Brown
Councilman, Town of Queen Creek

Julia Wheatley
Councilwoman, Town of Queen Creek

Cynthia Dunham
Former Mayor, Town of Gilbert

Mark Schnepf
Former Mayor, Town of Queen Creek

John Alston
Former Councilmember, Town of Queen Creek

Monte Nevitt
Former Governing Board Member, Queen Creek Unified School District

Friends and Neighbors Supporting Jimmy

Steven and Tonia Allred
Otis Amick
Clayton and Amber Andersen
Greg and Michelle Andersen
Jay and Cindy Andersen
Sue Bailey
Brian and Alyssa Bair
Stetson and Holly Banks
Janalee Barlow
Darin and Megan Barney
Pedro and Adriana Barraza
Rob and Rhonda Becker
Joel and Stephanie Biggs
Nikki Blonde
Cody and Kristi Boretsky
Grant and Katie Boyd
Tammy Brady
Chris (CK) and Gail Bray
Stacey and Parshell Brimhall
Jeremy and Lisa Broadbent
Dallin and Ashley Brown
Jeff and Karen Brown
Jill and Scot Brown
Travis and Rachelle Bulbian
Jaron and Nicole Carmichael
Doug and Anne Carpenter
Trent and Sherry Caskey
Todd and Courtney Chamberlain
Britt and Emily Chapman
Guy and Sheri Christiansen
Monica Coates
Jerry and Heidi Coleman
Mik and Melanie Conway
Brodie and Lindsay Cook
Grant and Jill Coon
Mike and Christie Crockett
Jeremiah and Kristi Cundiff
Gigi Curtis
Eric and Jenn Daniels
Brian and Trisha Davis
Danny and Natalie Dean
David Dickson
Clint and Brandy Dunaway
Van and Cynthia Dunham
Nathaniel Edgin
Travis and Stephanie Evans
Mike and Emily Ewing
Aaron Finter
Zach and Jennifer Fleming
Melissa Gardner
Mark and Brooke Garrett
Jolene Gibb
Justus and Danielle Gilmore
Jerry and Vanessa Gissel
Brandon and Tresure Goates
Lafe and Jaime Goeckeritz
Julie and Brock Graham
Justin and Cali Grant
Lee and Cassie Grant
Max and McKinzi Hall
Cherise Halliday
Ellie Hardt
Garland and Carol Hatch
Josh Hatch
Kira Hawkins
Jared and Wendy Hepworth
Dale and Jodee Huish
Brock and Jenny Jackson
Jason and Mallory Jarvis
Ryan and Megan Jarvis
Jared and Brianne Jensen
James and Tricia Johnson
Jason and Trina Jonas
Glen and Melodee Jones
Kimberly Kartchner
Todd and Amy Kaylor
Jimmy and Amy Kelly
Brian and Jessica Knight
Jay and Natalie Knomiller
Spencer and Caroline Lamoreaux
Cindy Lawlor
Brian and Audree Lawrence
Brian and Katie Layton
Adam and Tiffany Lee
LaCinda and John Lewis
Doug and Chelsie Lindblom
Greg and Colby Lindblom
Jon and Emily Lindblom
Mark and Cede Lindblom
Russ and Kim Little
Catherine Lynn
Lisa McBride
Matt and Elsie McWilliams
Brian and Linlee Melcher
Jared Merrell
John and Lynnae Merrell
Steve and Courtney Milius
Ryan and Katie Miller
Mike and Patricia Moore
Brian and Julie Morgan
Justin and Shellee Naylor
Dave and Cindy Nelson
Rick and Lara Nelson
John and Kimberly Nevels
Monte and Julie Nevitt
Paul and Janelle Newcomb
Zach and Rachael Olson
Spencer and Alisha Owens
Aaron and Jenny Shomaker-Padilla
Mark and Brigette Peterson
Chad and Tiffany Phelps
Mark and Laurel Pugmire
Dennis and LuAnn Ray
Tyler and Kristin Ray
Ammon and Kim Riggs
Valeria Riley
Ryan and Tracy Robison
Micah and Cami Rogers
Brett and Elisha Romney
Skyler and Jessica Roussel
Yassir Fernando Sanchez
Julyssa Schenk
Steve and Meredith Simpson
Ryan and Whitney Sims
Bryan and Liz Stowell
Ryan Stradling
Chad Sullivan
Bryce and Katy Suzuki
Tucker and Alisha Terhufen
Dennis and Debbie Thatcher
Vinu Thomas
Bill and Eirleen Tilton
Eddy and Heather Torriente
Margo Treece
Steve and Kathy Tucker
Heather Vurpillat
Ryan and Annette Wallin
Kimball Washburn
Chip and Deena Webb
Rosie Webster
Tyler and Jenny Weech
Shauna Wegner
Ben and Julia Wheatley
Scott and Vanessa Whitener
Patrick White
Darcey Whiting
Darren and Emily Wight
Jason and Kate Winsor
Erik and Rachel Witbeck
Matthew and Kim Wright
Regan Wright
Brian and Kyndall Yates
Levi and Emily Yeager
TJ and Katie Zaharis
James and Carly Zamora
Dave and Shelly Zimmerman