Jimmy For AZ

lindblom-familyIf you’re like most voters today, you probably have the feeling that many of today’s elected leaders and politicians don’t relate to you, lack genuineness, and aren’t “real people” like you, your family, friends, and colleagues.  You need to get to know Jimmy Lindblom.

Early Lessons

Born in Mesa and raised in Gilbert, Jimmy is proud to call himself a native Arizonan.  As a young man growing up in the East Valley, and the oldest of eight children, Jimmy learned the principle of hard work.  He developed a strong appreciation for agriculture as he performed early morning family chores, and then worked after school and into the evening on their family’s property or for the farmers near his home tending crops, bailing hay and harvesting watermelons.  Growing up in a large family and in humble circumstances instilled a deep appreciation in Jimmy for those things that truly matter in life—family, God, country, hard work, and personal integrity.

Learning for Life

After graduating from Gilbert High School, Jimmy attended Arizona State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  Understanding that the principle of continual learning is just as important as the principle of hard work, Jimmy continued his education after ASU, attending law school at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law where he received a Juris Doctor degree.

Real World Business

Although Jimmy is licensed to practice law in Arizona, he is an entrepreneur at heart and since completing graduate school he has started, built, and operated several successful businesses.  While Jimmy’s education opened doors and provided valuable information and skills needed early on in his business career, Jimmy’s keen and practical understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by small and large Arizona business owners was developed in the most effective way it can be—through personal experience.  Unlike many politicians who have never operated in the real business world and thus, have no appreciation for the heavy burdens placed on business owners by shortsighted laws and regulations, Jimmy’s real world business experience makes him the clear choice for voters who want to make and keep Arizona as prosperous as it has ever been.

For the past eight years, Jimmy has owned and served as the President and CEO of a construction company focused almost exclusively on military housing projects on United States Air Force bases throughout the Country.  While working onsite at 20 active-duty military bases during the last decade to improve housing for America’s service members, Jimmy has seen up close and personally a small portion of the countless sacrifices made by enlisted personnel to keep the United States safe.  Jimmy’s gratitude and appreciation for America’s armed forces is second to none.

What Matters Most

What matters most to Jimmy is what matters most to almost every human being, and certainly to every Arizonan—it’s family.  As one might expect from a life-long Arizonan, Jimmy has been married for 17 years to Rachelle Dana, who is proud to call herself a fifth generation Arizonan.  Jimmy and Rachelle have four spirited children and as often as the great Arizona weather will permit, the Lindblom family spends their time together outdoors exploring the Grand Canyon State as Jimmy and Rachelle foster in their children the same love and appreciation for Arizona they developed years earlier.

Jimmy’s decision to take on a leadership role in Arizona and run for the State Senate was a difficult one, and the topic of serious contemplation for him personally and for his family.  Knowing that being an effective leader requires sacrifice, the recurring question Jimmy and his family had to ask was, “is it worth it?”  When one considers the sacrifices required of truly effective leaders who run for an elected office, the personal, family, and career sacrifices seem discouraging on the surface.  But for Jimmy, the decision to run for the Arizona State Senate is not about him—it’s about his commitment to doing everything he can to ensure that his home state of Arizona is as good to his children as it has been to him.  It’s about doing everything he can to ensure that Arizonans have the same opportunity he had to dream of, start, operate, own and benefit from their own business without unnecessary burdens heaped on them by out of touch politicians.  In the end, Jimmy’s decision to run for office is all about what matters most.